Global Automotive Interior Trim Market

Automotive Soft Trim Interior Market Segmentation

The Automotive Soft Trim Interior market is segmented on the basis of the materials involved. The major materials types can be classified as:


– which can be further classified as per Texture & Finish, Heat Absorption Capacity


–which can be also classified such as Backed & Unbacked Types, Texture e.g. Poker Rail, Sew foam & Grade e.g. Residential or Commercial grade on durability basis

Coated Fabrics

–which can be classified as per coating material such as Polymer Coated, Rubber Coated & Other Substrate Coated for having properties like fire, & water resistance and wash proof

Textiles & Acoustic Barriers

– which can be classified as per area of furnishing whether seating, safety belts, flooring, lining on doors, roof, shelves etc. & also the grade/quality of material used such ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS), Polyurethane reactive (PUR) for properties similar to coated fabrics & noise and sound proofing as well .

Development trends

► Low-emission plastics

► Attractive surface

► Design freedom

► Function integration

► Metal replacement

► Weight reduction


Material choice

► Appearance (structure, colour, gloss)

► Strength (stiffness, crash, temperature)

► Stability (UV, chemical, time)

► Cost (production, after treatement, integration)

Front FinalCut Sheet Edited Back


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