Die Cutting & Molding Presses / Systems -Global OEM Freeman SCHWABE / SCHWABE USA

 Company Core Skills & Capabilities 2018 – 2019

Die Cutting & Molding Presses / Systems

Freeman Schwabe is a global OEM of the highest quality die cutting & molding presses, material handling systems & manufacturing software, including the world-renowned brand of SCHWABE USA presses, designed, engineered and built in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Corporate Logo

Business Vision & Strategy

Core Values, Skills and Expertise

Core Global Industries
Floor Covering, Automotive Interior Trim & Seating, Packaging


Key Markets, Machine Presses and Applications

Imported Presses (High Speed, Receding Head, Traveling Head)

SCHWABE Presses manufactured in the USA since 1935

Custom Design Build and Application Expertise

Machine Software, Press Options, Technical Support

Remote diagnostics, minimize downtime

Conversions, Upgrades, Rebuilds and Retrofits


Freeman SCHWABE Capabilities 2018-2019.014

Edited Logo

Freeman SCHWABE Capabilities 2018-2019.007

Freeman SCHWABE – Company Core Values

The handful of rules defining the culture, which are reinforced on a daily basis.

Adaptable: What we do is dynamic – we cannot control the direction of the wind, but we can adjust our sails

Teamwork: Make a promise, keep a promise – be responsible and hold one another accountable

Entrepreneurial: Unleashing personal creativity and initiative to seek opportunities that provide competitive advantage by reducing lead time, cost or improving performance

Hustle: Performing with a sense of urgency in everything we do – 100% of the time

Relentless Improvement: Continue to seek opportunities to grow our people, processes, and technologies to create more sustainable profit for the company.

Freeman SCHWABE Capabilities 2018-2019.011

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