Flocking Applications Automotive Interior – SCHWABE USA Cutting Systems

What is Flock? 

“Flock provides a perpendicular fibrous coating to almost any substrate that can be exploited in a variety of contexts. Precision cut flock fibers can be used for the reinforcement of materials such as concrete and paper or processed further to add value to a wide range of surfaces”.

What is the connection between Flock and SCHWABE USA Cutting Presses and Systems?

SCHWABE USA Cutting Presses & Systems are used in the manufacture of products in a  variety of applications and industries, that flocking can be used e.g. packaging, automotive interior trim. 

“Flock fibers are applied to adhesive coated surfaces either mechanically, electro statically or by a combination of both techniques. Mechanical flocking can be further divided into pneumatic and ‘beater-bar’ methods. Flock Manufacture
Flock can be random or precision cut providing different pile effects. Common materials used to manufacture flock include: Cotton, Rayon, Acrylic, Nylon, Polyester.”

Examples Automotive Interior Flock Applications


Learn more about Flocking?


Visit the American Flock Association website


#3 CHARTS AUTO TRIM 2018-2019.001

Auto Interior Logos

Visit Freeman Schwabe website www.freemanschwabe.com

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