New Manual Table for Progressive Feed Die Cutting with Video Demo

New Manual Table Progressive Feed Die Cut System now available with SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press

 Progressive Feeding Capability – SCHWABE Model SR150

Central Guide Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press with dual cylinder hydraulic system


The heavy duty, rigid, large diameter center guide is used to keep the head and
bed parallel vs. a hydraulic balancing system or some type of linkage/toggle mechanism.

The SCHWABE exclusive design eliminates the need for adjustment should the system be carrying an unbalanced load.

NOTE : There are only three (3) moving parts in the Schwabe SR design; there is no linkages thereby resulting in less scheduled maintenance and easy serviceability.

SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press

Model SR 150

General Specifications

Country of Manufacture – USA
Press Driving Mechanism – Hydraulics
Cutting Force – 150 U.S. Tons
Head & Bed Size – 40”D x 60”W
Cutting Stroke – 8” adjustable
Daylight Opening – 12”
Hydraulic System – Freestanding hydraulic powered unit includes pump, hoses, valves, gauges, etc.

Safety Guarding – Meets or exceeds all OSHA machine safety requirements including specification 1910.217(f) as interpreted by Manufacturer.
Head Safety Block – For working under the head of the press.
E-Stop Safety Relays – These relays provide 3 primary functions:

  • Detect faults on safety-related electrical control circuits 

  • Provides an ensured switching action.

  • Provides a manual reset facility.



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