SCHWABE USA Cutting Presses /Systems provide a Total Value Solution

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SCHWABE USA  provides you with the Total Value Solution for your Application & Production needs

  • we supply efficient top quality die cutting presses and systems 

  • our machines are made in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA therefore built stronger to last longer

  • our smart pricing is based on your specific application needs

  • our innovative and simple design, minimizes downtime & maintenance / service

  • we design & build from a range of standard presses (cutting, embossing, heat seal, mold trim) and multiple options


Smart Purchasing

Smart buyers assess the total cost and value of a machine purchase i.e.

  • Machine: unit cost, compliance, delivery, installation, training needs etc

  • Lifecycle: life of the active press, maintenance, operating costs etc

  • Operations: reliability, availability, support / back-up, remote diagnostics etc

draft total value solution


Benefits of Selecting Freeman SCHWABE and buying a SCHWABE USA cutting or molding press

  • We are debt free and we have a long record of long term financial stability (TIP: check the financial records of our “competitive” suppliers during your research online). 

  • We have experienced engineering and technical support to help provide innovative solutions for your manufacturing needs

  • Our Service Technicians are Freeman Schwabe employees ensuring the best training & knowledgable service & support

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