Smart Buyers Machine / Cutting Press Purchasing Checklist


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Buying Machine or Cutting Press?

Top 10 Purchasing Tips

Machine Purchasing Checklist 

   1. Selecting New or Used or Refurbished Press

  •    Consider needs and risk, Freeman SCHWABE can help you decide

   2. Production Output

  • Ideal selection will meet maximum production with minimum running costs, within budget price range

   3. Manufacturing Space / Footprint

  • Check total operating space size for machine and any accessories vs available space in production area

   4. Financial Stability of Supplier

  • Check the financial background of each potential supplier

   5. Competitive Price 

  • Compare machines prices and similar features, and most important compare overall quality and total value

   6. Complexity of Machine / Equipment

  • Make sure current / future personnel can operate machine without expensive training or unique skills. 

  • Is training provided?

  • Is there a machine manual and schematics available?

  7. Warranty 

  • Check Guaranteed Warranty and all items included and time period

  8. Maintenance Support

  • Is follow up support included, is low cost remote diagnostics available ?

  9. Installation of Machine or Press

  • Is installation provided within price, how complicated is installation?

10. Testimonials / Customer Feedback

  • Ask for references so you can speak to the potential supplier’s customers

SCHWABE USA provides a Total Value Solution to our customers manufacturing operation:

  • supplying efficient top quality die cutting presses and systems 

  • machines are made in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA therefore built stronger to last longer

  • smart pricing based on your specific application needs

  • innovative and simple design, minimizing downtime & maintenance / service

  • design build from range of standard presses (cutting, embossing, heat seal, mold trim) and options

Smart buyers assess the total cost and value of machinery purchase i.e.

  • Machine: cost, compliance, delivery, installation etc

  • Lifecycle: life of the active press, maintenance, operating costs etc

  • Operations: reliability, availability, support / back-up etc









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