Direct Drive Urethane Cutting Belt Feed System – SCHWABE Model SR 350

Direct Drive Urethane Cutting Belt Feed System SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press Model SR 350

General Specifications


Cutting Force – 350 U.S. Tons

Head & Bed Size – 104”D x 54”W

Effective Cutting Area – 100”D x 50”W

Cutting Stroke – 8” adjustable

Daylight Opening – 9”, from head to bed without cutting surface or feed system

Stroke Control – Controlled by Linear Transducer for accurate and repeatable head position during cutting stroke

Steel Safety Stop Blocks – Act as a preventative device for cutting through the belt.

Strokes per Minute 4-5


Features of Feed System:

Cutting Surface – Urethane Cutting Belt
Belt conveyer cleaner – stationary brush type which helps remove material particulate/debris.
Servo motor positioning system on the cutting belt.
Belt shifter, shifting distance of +/- 1/2”
Includes in-feed sheet sensor
Outfeed Conveyor system with a sensor to stop the material once it has reached the end of the outfeed conveyor.


Panel Control – Allen Bradley Compactlogix PLC and Panelview touch screen operator interface controls (menu driven). Includes 250-die memory for recall of feed length, sheet rows, etc., accessed thru a touch screen). Includes various production/maintenance reports (screens) menu driven as well as computerized diagnostics with Ethernet capability for internetdiagnostics/trouble-shooting.

Operational – Controls for set-up and operation, with low pressure die height setting.

Press Shutdown – Mushroom type shut-off button easily assessable at the control panel and on all corners of the machine.

Strong Arm Pendant mounted on the press long side in the center allowing the operator freedom of movement in the press operation. The electrical cabinet now can be positioned behind the press next to the hydraulic power unit.

Activation – Push button activation after input of information thru the Operator Interface/Touch Screen.

Stroke Counter – With automatic shutdown accessed through the Touch Screen.

Remote Connectivity – Included Ethernet connectivity


More info contact :


sr 350 direct drive cutting belt.001




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