High Volume Production of Auto Trim and Seat Cover Parts NOW 30% FASTER

High Volume Manufacturing of Auto Interior Trim and Seat Cover Components NOW 30% FASTER

Schwabe USA Model Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press 

With Single Sided Die Vacuum System Model SR 675

Die Vac SR675 charts for video.004

Leading Automotive Interior Trim and Seating manufacturing companies continue to use SCHWABE Die Vacuum Cutting Systems for high volume parts production.

The SCHWABE Press with Vacuum Cutting System is favored over automated / digital cutting systems for the die cutting accuracy and close tolerance. 

How does the Die Vacuum System work?

Up to 40cm (10″) of tri-laminate material is positioned on top of the steel rule die.

The hood then encloses the die and material within the carrier, the cutting matrix being mounted in the hood.

A vacuum pump then expels the air from the system which draws the hood down and compresses the material to approximately 5cm (2″) in height.

The entire system is then incrementally fed through the SCHWABE hydraulic cutting press .

When the vacuum is turned off, the lay recovers to its original height and the hood is automatically lifted clear.

The components are then removed and the cycle can be repeated with a new lay of material.



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Freeman SCHWABE Die Vacuum System Model SR 675



Cycle Speed – This 675 ton Schwabe press with a 60”platen depth requires less cuts to complete a standard 216” die board.
Total cycle speed is approximately 30% faster than previous generation.

General Specifications

Country of Manufacture – USA
Press Driving Mechanism – Hydraulics
Cutting Force – 675 U.S. Tons
Head Size – 60” Deep x 73” Wide
Bed Size – 60” Deep x 84” Wide (between frame), with wear plate 60”D x 84”W x 1⁄4” thick.
Die Board Size – 74.25” Wide x 216.25” LongMaximum Material Width – 74″
Cutting Stroke – 8” adjustable, with reduced pressure die setting.Daylight Opening – 12”, without cutting surface, this must be confirmed.

Feed SystemType – Incrementally programmed power-operated chase feed system consisting of one (1) Chase Feed on the infeed of thepress and two (2) extension tables with controls.

Designed for lateral power transfer on and off the chase feed of 74.25” Wide x 216.25” Long die boards.
Die Board Transfer Arms – for both sides of the infeed.

Electrical – High performance variable speed drive; feed and return speeds are variable.

Cutting Force – 675 U.S. Tons
Head Size – 60” Deep x 73” WideBed Size – 60” Deep x 84” Wide (between frame), with wear plate 60”D x 84”W x 1⁄4” thick.

Die Board Size – 74.25” Wide x 216.25” Long

Die Vac SR675 charts for video.003

Vacuum Shroud Lift Units on Infeed of Press

Low profile; mounted on press feed system; underside of unit to be approximately 16” above Chase Feed; equipped with Vacuum lift unit, all controls, including an air blow-off to release vacuum cups.
Two (2) Vacuum Blowers & Hose
Floor mounted under vacuum lift side of extension table; Vortex type, with pressure relief valve.
Vacuum unit to be provided with blower switches so that air can be blown into the shroud after the cutting operation for faster shroud removal.


For more information contact sales@freemanschwabe.com

+1 513 947 2888


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