Receding Head Hydraulic Die Cutting Press – Freeman SCHWABE Model RB80

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Freeman Schwabe RB80 Receding Head Hydraulic Die Cutting Press 

rh 80 machine front

General Specifications

Cutting Force – 88 U.S. Tons
Cutting Stroke – 4.3” adjustable
Daylight Opening – 6.3”, from the head to the bed of the press, without cutting surface.
Cutting Speed – Assuming full recede (31.5”) and 3” stroke, estimated speed is 6 seconds per cycle, not accounting for operator involvement.
Head and Bed Size – 35.4”D x 70.9”W
Maximum Receding Distance – 31.5”
Effective Cutting Area – 33.5”D x 63.4”W with pad shifter but no die rails.
Stroke Setting – Set by linear transducer
Tool Mounting – Head Mounted with Pneumatic Adjustable Die Rails.


Panel & Box – Allen Bradley PLC, Model C600 Touch Screen Operator interface controls (menu driven), capable of storing cutting information for up to two hundred (250) dies. 

Includes cycle timer, with information such as stroke setting, receding depth, etc. 

Includes various production and maintenance reports (screens) menu driven as well as computerized diagnostics with Ethernet capability for online diagnostics/ trouble-shooting. 

Critical controls to be protected with password security system in PLC software. 

This information will be utilized to automatically set press parameters after three (3) digit die number is recalled (information must be initially entered into the memory for later automatic recall and operation).


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