Different Cutting Technology for Different Cutting Auto Interior Trim Needs

hfi-logoHFI Inc has over 30 years experience in producing automotive seat trim, and other interior trim products & materials. HFI is a leading Tier 2 high volume supplier of automotive interior trim specializing in cut and sew, foam-in-place, small parts foam and assembly operations. HFI is recognised as a low cost, high quality producer.

Different Cutting Technology for Different Cutting Needs

HFI explains in their website that they use different cutting processes across five facilities to optimise production and on time delivery. Our state-of-the-art cutting technology includes die press, knife cutting and laser cutting. We operate numerous cutting machines across five facilities, delivering the right products promptly, reliably and with outstanding customer service support“.   HFI website

We are proud to manufacture the SCHWABE die press in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. SCHWABE die presses are trusted by the majority of automotive trim leading manufacturers, for full hide leather cutting, high volume non woven / fabric parts cutting with vacuum system and auto trim foam parts.  


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