Press Release: SCHWABE Die Cutting Vacuum System – Mass Production

SCHWABE Die Cutting Vacuum System Favored by Leading Automotive Seating Company for High Volume / Mass Production Parts Manufacture

Leading manufacturers in the Auto Interior Trim industry use different machinery and technology to optimize different production needs e.g. SCHWABE USA large format die cutting vacuum systems are favored for high volume / mass production auto trim / seat cover parts manufacture.

“The automotive seating market is a highly consolidated market dominated by major companies such as Adient, Lear Corporation, Faurecia and Grupo Antolin…together hold more than 66% of the global market.” Mordor

Global Auto Interior Trims and Seat Cover Industry
Lear Corporation profile

Lear Corporation is a global manufacture of seating and has 96,000 seating employees across 31 countries, with 23% market share of seating globally. Revenue of seating surface materials is $4.1 Bn, and the company is leader in leather and cut & sew.

Lear Corporation is the world leader in luxury & performance automotive seating.
“Lear Corporation fully integrated manufacturer of the entire seat, we have a proven track record in delivering quality seating systems to the auto industry at competitive prices. At Lear, we work with every major automaker the world over, supplying completed seats for programs ranging from the highest-volume platforms to specialty applications, covering every segment from small car to full-size sport utilities”.(Ref: Lear Website).

Die Vac SR675 charts for video.003

SCHWABE USA large format die cutting vacuum systems are preferred by leading auto interior manufacturer to cut high volume / mass production auto trim / seat cover parts.

Seat Cover Manufacturing

lear logoLear Corporation is the most vertically integrated seat cover supplier in the Automotive Interior industry, and has 257 seating & component manufacturing facilities across the world, producing from niche quantity products to high volume / mass production of seating parts and the finished seats.

Lear uses different machinery and technology to optimize its different production and manufacturing needs i.e. automated cutting machines for smaller niche production, and SCHWABE USA large format die cutting vacuum systems for its high volume / mass production parts manufacture. Most leading automotive interior trim and seating companies optimize their lean manufacturing in this way.

Seating Innovation

Lear is a leading innovator and is “uniquely positioned for innovation and growth with electronics and software expertise”
Lear is focused on the CONVERGENCE of MOBILITY, CONNECTIVITY and ELECTRIFICATION in line with the auto seating industry mega trends of:
personal network
light weight
shared mobility
health and wellness
electrified products
Lear Investor Day Presentation June 2018

Lear Manufacturing – Best Practices

Lear Corporation uses best practices in it’s efficient seat cover manufacturing to ensure the best quality performance and integration of the trim and seat assemblies
“…manufacturing cells offer cutting-edge technologies and premium surface enhancements to deliver distinct designs for brand differentiation”.

An example of an efficient seating manufacturing cell is the embossing of seat covers using SCHWABE USA – Hydraulic Cutting Presses Made in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

For more information please contact
4064 Clough Woods Drive, 
Ohio 45103 USA

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