Lowest Cost – Leather Cutting Full Hide – High Volumes – Auto Seating & Trim

“..almost 90% of leather used for automotive (Seating & interior trim) applications is cut using manual die presses” (Frost & Sullivan: Best Practice Research Report 2017)

SCHWABE USA Die Cutting Presses provide LOWEST COST precision cutting of HIGH VOLUMES of LEATHER Full Hide and Half  Hide

Front New Die Vac Cut SHeetNew Die Vac Cut SHeet

SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press with InFeed and OutFeed Conveyors for Full Hide Leather Cutting. 
Used with a large die board with hand placed tools for cutting a single ply of material or multiple layers of material.  Index feed accuracy up to 1/32″ for precise cutting.  Press can feed die boards and material from both sides of the press increasing throughput and productivity.

Over 20 die boards with material  can be cycled through the press per hour.  The tool could also be head mounted and the press operates as an automatic progressive feed press, again with extremely tight index tolerances can be achievable. 

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