25% Tariffs on Flooring Material remains active, but Business Uncertainty Remains


FC News corrected earlier article: The original story inaccurately stated that the 25% tariff on goods from China that included flooring materials had been rescinded by the U.S. government

All applicable flooring products that shipped from China after May 10, 2019, are now subject to the full 25% tariff.


“The LVT category—especially rigid vinyl products—is in the crosshairs of any tariff increase given that a high percentage of rigid vinyl is produced in China.”



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Freeman Schwabe and schoen+sandt are the leading Cutting Machine Manufacturers for USA Floor Covering Industryand Exhibit together at FloorTek, Dalton, Georgia : Booth #216


Since July 2018 Freeman Schwabe and schoen+sandt machinery are both members of the International Cutting Group (ICG).

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Freeman Schwabe and schoen+sandt, have supplied the majority of the leading USA and Global floor covering manufacturers with cutting presses & systems for carpet tiles, luxury vinyl tiles & planks.

Contact sales@freemanschwabe.com

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