Die Cutting Honeycomb Corrugated Sheets – Protective Packaging

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Freeman Schwabe Full Head Hydraulic Beam Press 

Model FH 150

Die Cutting Honeycomb Corrugated Sheets

Protective Packaging

General Specifications

Cutting Force – 165 U.S. Tons
Head & Bed Size – 59.1” D x 78.7” W
Effective Cutting Area – 57.1”D x 69.1”W, with die rails
Cutting Stroke – 9.8”
Daylight – 12.8″ from head to bed without cutting surface.
Motorized Mechanical Stops – with Linear Transducer for accurate head placement
Cutting Surface – Rubber pad mounted to a pad shifter on the bed of the press.
Adjustable Pneumatic die rails – with center clamps in the head of the press to help prevent the die from sagging
Adjustable Feed Rails – 2” tall with poly attachment to prevent die(s) from damaging
Material Paddle Stop System – for both sides of press with hand wheel adjustment on in-feed
Head Lock up Blocks – Lock the head in the up position so operator can safely enter work envelope.

FH 150.png

Safety Guarding – Meets or exceeds all OSHA machine safety requirements including specification 1910.217(f) as interpreted by the Manufacturer.

Front Light Curtain – Type 4; permits the use of the light curtain to initiate the cutting stroke while the operator removes cut parts from the press. This can increase production while also acting as a photocell point of operation guard.

Rear Guarding (out-feed) – Extruded aluminum/ Lexan paneling with various interlocked access points/doors

Safety Valving – CE certified valving greatly reduces risk of the head falling while not locked in the up position.

Head Safety Block – For working under the head of the press.

E-Stop Safety Relays – These relays provide 3 primary functions:
-Detect faults on safety-related electrical control circuits (i.e. faults in sensors, wiring, contactors, etc.)
-Provides an ensured switching action.
-Provides a manual reset facility.


Feed System

Custom Corrugated Sheet System – Semi Automatic

– Material support rails (2x) approx. 40” long and 4” wide each. Also includes adjustable material guide rails, ~2” tall and 2 retractable hard stops.

Out-Feed Pinch Roll Feed, powered by a variable frequency drive, and a roll away table.

Pinch roll pulls the already cut sheets away from the working area and to a waiting stacker/knock out . Max opening on pinch roll is 8.25” and features a fully adjustable shut height.



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