“75% of LVT sold in USA is imported, and 83% of that is from China”

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Extracts from article in Floor Covering Weekly 


Companies outline the Unique Benefits / Advantages of Producing LVT in USA

Congoluem Kurt Denman CMO and EVP Sales

“Some manufacturers, like Congoleum, have been producing LVT domestically for many years, although it wasn’t always known as LVT. Explained Kurt Denman, chief marketing officer and executive vice president sales for Congoleum, “While the term LVT is a more recent descriptor, our tile plant in Trenton, N.J. has been producing vinyl tile for more than 60 years.”…

“Our manufacturing facilities meet or exceed the most stringent environmental standards and by producing locally, we are supporting U.S. jobs and when we’re not shipping finished goods halfway around the world, it reduces our overall carbon footprint,” Denman said.

Armstrong Flooring – Doug Ankney VP Manufacturing

“Manufacturing in the U.S.A., where the bulk of our flooring is sold, gives us greater product control, improved lead times and the ability to more rapidly integrate customer feedback into the product design and development cycle,” said Doug Ankney, vice president of manufacturing for Armstrong Flooring.

Armstrong Flooring American Personality 12 LVT Wallingford Oak Essential Beige Aug5.jpg_600x0

Armstrong Flooring’s American Personality LVT in Essential Beige is manufactured in the U.S.

Mohawk – Ed Sanchez VP Product Management

“Our U.S. made LVT products, in addition to having high-definition visuals and embossing providing extreme realism, have a number of other benefits to our dealers like shorter lead times [and] higher quality levels than many independently sourced products.” vice president product management for Mohawk Ed Sanchez,

Tarkett – Adrienne Roseman Director LVT for Tarkett North America

“One of the major benefits for Tarkett has been the reduction of chemicals used in its manufacturing processes. “Domestic production — and digital printing specifically — has helped us achieve specific sustainability initiatives to reduce or eliminate the use of chemicals in our manufacturing process. It’s also helped us improve quality control by avoiding reliance on outside vendors for print films. This helps us streamline inventory control and overall business processes,” Adrienne Roseman, director LVT for Tarkett North America told FCW”.

Tarkett Color Play_Cover_V

Color Play is a domestically-made LVT offering from Tarkett launched last year.


Mannington Mills -Jimmy Tuley VP Residential Resilient

“Our legacy is as a manufacturer where we live up to our core values, including ‘Control Our Own Destiny.’ If we manufacture locally, we are better able to plan and meet the needs of our customers. We prefer to invest more in state-of-the-art equipment that is flexible to those demands rather than long supply chains and inventory that can quickly become obsolete with changes in the marketplace.”according to vice president, residential resilient for Mannington Mills Jimmy Tuley”,

Extracts from article in Floor Covering Weekly 




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