VINYL Sheet Cutting 150 tons with Dual Power Tables: Compact Size / Floor Space

with Die Cutting Presses

VINYL Sheet Material Cutting Press 150 tons

With Dual Power Tables and Compact Size / Floor Space


Compact Manufacturing Footprint Space:

LENGTH 222″ x WIDTH 80″ x HEIGHT 90″

SR150 AUto Cad Side #2

Feed System

Dual Power Tables – Heavy Duty steel tables. 

Tables will be designed so that customer cutting tool can be placed on the table to be placed under the cutting head for bolting the tool to the cutting head. 

Table will be capable of holding up to 2,500lb tool.


Key Specifications

  • Model: SR 150

  • Cutting Force: 150 U.S. Tons

  • Head & Bed Size: 40” D x 40” W

  • Cutting Stroke: 8”

  • Daylight Opening: 10”

Meeting the Needs of Manufacturing Complexity

Production Cost / Scale Models

Small Batch Runs

Laboratory Runs

Test Runs

Cutting Surface

– Nylon cutting pad on each table.
– Oscillating Pad Shifter
– Designed to incrementally move the cutting pad after each stroke to prevent the cutting die from cutting into the same location on the pad after each stroke. One pad shifter to be installed on each table (2 shifters TOTAL)
-Will drastically increase the life of the cutting surface
-Material alignment brackets will be mounted so that they are not affected by the pad oscillating to ensure that the material
aligns with the die before being cut

Stroke Control – Controlled by Linear Transducer which allows the die height to be adjusted infinitely in increments of 0.001”

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