Spotlight on Saltillo, Coahuila: #1 in Automotive Manufacturing in Mexico

SCHWABE USA Cutting Presses are widely used for high volume cutting / manufacturing in the Automotive Trim / Parts Industry around the world.

Mexico is the world’s 5th largest auto parts producer with 41% of its goods going to the United States.

In Mexico 27% of the nation’s automotive fabrication is made in Saltillo, Coahuila making it #1 in Mexican automotive manufacturing.

Why Saltillo? It’s location is in the North East automotive corridor, bordering on the border with Texas for over 300 miles.

“Saltillo is the capital of the state of Coahuila, the third largest state in Mexico. The city lies 180 miles south of the U.S. border and has a population of about 700,000. Saltillo is only fifty miles from Mexico’s industrial center, Monterrey, and efficiently connects to Houston and Tampico’s seaports. Its convenient location makes it central for distribution into U.S. and Mexican markets”.


In addition to the OEMs operating in Saltillo there are many Tier 1 automotive suppliers that operate there including Lear Corporation  a customer of Freeman Schwabe.

“Saltillo’s unique geography offers strategic benefits compared to alternate locations in the region (Monterrey in particular). Perched high in the Zapaliname mountains, Saltillo’s elevation reaches 5,200 feet. Despite its situation near the Chihuahuan desert, the city’s heights making it a cooler and windier locale than other areas of Mexico, with sunny winters and scarce rainfall. This moderate climate means low air conditioning and heating costs year-round – an often overlooked feature unique to Saltillo that helps reduce the operational bottom line.”

Other industries and manufacturers operating in Saltillo are:

  • Lennox International provider of climate control products for the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration

  • Lay-Z-Boy furniture maker

  • Heraeus, Spartech supplies plastic sheet and packaging solutions

  • Martinrea is a Canadian auto parts manufacturer

  • Huntington foam: is a leading North American provider of innovative, high-quality protective packaging solutions and energy management components.

  • Foamex: is a leading foam manufacturer for the Home, Healthcare, Electronics, Industrial, Personal Care and Transportation Markets.

Extracts from Original Article by Tetakawi 

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