Customized Powered “3 Roll” Unwind System Feeding SCHWABE SR230

Customized Powered “3 Roll” Unwind System 

Process Module  Roll Stand 

Schwabe USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press 

Cutting Auto Seating Parts

High Volume and Lowest Price

Custimed Unwind Roller Complete UnitSide View Customised Roller Stand Unwind System

Powered Unwind System for 3 Rolls
Custome Frame
Tube steel frame and Tubular cross members
Lazy loop for three rolls

Sub base with provision for guiding
DG-2000 Lug Style Pneumatic Shaft
Bladder type expanding air shaft
Sized for 3.04” max OD paper tubes, 2.96” diameter 

Made from aluminum tubing with hardened steel journal ends Weight 44 lbs. 

(3) Sets Sidelay Safety Chucks
SM500/F2-F1/IV40/C50 safety chucks 2248 lbs. weight capacity

Transmissible torque capacity 664 ft lbs, 50mm side-lay 

Hardened replaceable inserts (40mm (1.575”)) with U-Cup drivers 

Customised Unwind Roller Feed System - Ottawa Lear

Sliding faceplate for easy insertion

(3) Gearboxes and Motors
Right angle hollow shaft gearbox
Fixed to drive side safety chuck
AC inverter duty motor with 110 VAC brake fixed to gearbox. 

(9) Idler Rollers
Aluminum idler rollers – 4” diameter
Dead shafts with ER bearings5

Customised Roller Stand Unwind Feed System Ottawa Lear

Web Guide

AT.203.R Actuator style web guide
Infrared sensor and 25mm mounting bar
MWG.10.1 Controller Driver – Requires panel mounting Kit
Requires 24 VDC supply at 3 amps minimum

Speed = 50 fpm
Web Width = 72 inches
Tension < 1 PLI
Max Roll Diameter = 45 inches
.Weight = 125 lbs 


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