Die Cutting and Heat Sealing Presses Material / Industry Applications

Die Cutting and Heat Seal Parts in one Machine Process

FSM Corporate

Freeman SCHWABE Presses with Electrically Heated Platens

​For all your Die Cutting and Heat Sealing MATERIAL APPLICATIONS

  • Automotive Interior Trim Components / Parts

  • Battery Insulation Covers

  • Packaging Closures / Devices

  • Laminating & Embossing Operations

  • Life Preservers

Freeman Schwabe offers a broad range of Heated Platen Cutting Presses including:

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SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Die Cutting Press with Heated Platen

This heated platen comes equipped with separate control panel with four heating zones.

Standard feature include programmable dwell time (up to 2 minutes or longer depending on the application requirements).  The recipe for each program or job is saved in the HMI for future recall.  Programmable tonnage is also an Option.
The SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press can use top heat, bottom heat or both depending upon your application or your customer’s requirement. 
SCHWABE Hydraulic Presses with heated platen are designed, engineered & assembled in Cincinnati, Ohio USA to meet the needs of your die cut heat seal application.

DSCF5025 (2)

Die Cut Heat Seal Auto Interior Trim Parts


Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press with Heated Platen – from 35 tons to 500 tons

DSCF5026 (1)

Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press SR 230 with Electrically Heated Platen ​- Auto Interior Parts

Schwabe Model SR115 Down-Stroking Hydraulic Cutting Press 

Die Cut Heat Seal – Battery Insulation Cover 


SCHWABE USA Up Stroking Heated Platen Die Cutting Presses

Heated Platen Option Available on DG35, DG 50 and DG-HD7



Suitable Materials and Applications
Ideal materials and applications requiring a heated platen press to die cut, heat seal would include, but not limited to, various textiles, fibers, non-woven materials, and various foam materials. The machine is used in work cell manufacturing in the Auto Interior industry.

Full Head Hydraulic Cutting Press with Heated Platen

Heat Seal Operating Temperature
Freeman Schwabe Hydraulic Beam Presses with a Heated Platen have an operating temperature up to 550 degrees F/287 degrees C and includes multiple heating zones.

Software control options feature
– programmable cycle parameters, job/program storage and recipe handling
– store up to 250 recipes with the standard control package.

Program & Save

  • pressure & platen position values
  • temperatures including controlled ramp-up and ramp-down rates
  • desired dwell time.

For more information: sales@freemanschwabe.com

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