Foam Expo Connect interactive digital event is now LIVE

 Foam Expo Connect interactive digital event is Live

> How do I search exhibitors and products?

You can view Freeman Schwabe in the full exhibitor list by using the “exhibitor list” button on the top menu. You can filter and search by exhibition name and product categories.

You will also find recommended exhibitors in the “recommendations” section on the left-hand side menu.

> How do I request an online meeting?

To request a meeting with Freeman Schwabe click the “meeting” icon on the exhibitor profile. This will open a screen where a new meeting request can be set up. You can request who you want to meet, send a message, and schedule a time.  The exhibitor will receive your request and accept it or suggest a new time. 

> How do I send and receive messages?

You can send messages to Freeman Schwabe.

Messages are accessed from the profile of the person you wish to contact.

– Click on the ‘message’ button within their profile.

 – A chat window will appear; you can type your message and click send.

 – The recipient will receive a notification indicating that they have received a new message, and they will be able to reply.

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