Cutting PVC Foam on Automatic Hydraulic Traveling Head Die Press – Video Machine Demo

Made in USA – Designed, Engineered and Assembled in Cincinnati, Ohio USA 

General Specifications

Cutting Force – 90 U.S. Tons
Head Size –20” x 22”

Bed Size – 30” D x 64” W
Working Height – 37” from floor with leveling provisions. (+/- 1⁄2”) 

Cutting Stroke – 7” adjustable
Daylight Opening – 15”
Dual Chain Traverse – Servo Traverse Motor to control the head left/right movement. 20IPS max, adjustable
Head Rotation – 90° Head Rotation
Linear Transducer – for bottom stroke setting, capable of infinitely adjusting the stroke in increments of 0.001”

Cutting Surface – Polypropylene cutting pad

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+1 513 947 2888

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