Press System for Cutting Single and Multiple Layers of Material – Sheet and Rolled Material / Fabric

SCHWABE USA Hydraulic Cutting Press die cutting Single & Multiple Layers of Sheet and Rolled Material / Fabric

Clamp Feed : Pinch & Grab System

General Specifications 

Country of Manufacture – USA 

Cutting Force – 115 U.S. Tons 

Head & Bed Size – 60” D x 84” W 

Cutting Stroke – 8”, fully adjustable 
Daylight – 10″ from head to bed without cutting surface.
-Does not account for new wear plate, approximately 1⁄4” thick

Stroke Control – Controlled by Linear Transducer, capable of infinitely adjusting the stroke of the machine in increments of 0.001” for precise stroke control 

Cutting Surface – Red Urethane Cutting Belt

Manual Adjustable Die Rails – in the head of the press with half rule for easily setting the rails based on the width of the die board.

Rails are adjustable in the width direction then manually clamped in place.
– Could potentially use up to 2” tall dies
-die board (wood) thickness – 5/8″
-Largest Die Board currently is 52” x 79”
-Future max board could be 84” x 60” to maximize the platen size

Press cuts material that ranges in thickness (single layer) from 1” – 2-1/4” thick
– cuts multiple layers
– Max stack height can be 6”
– Max material width could be up to 80” wide

Hydraulic System  

Freestanding hydraulic powered unit includes pump, hoses, valves, gauges, etc.

Includes new OEM manifold and new hydraulic lines from the unit to the cylinder, including any line on the hydraulic unit.

Hydraulic system is designed so that full tonnage can be reached at any stage of the stroke whereas a press with a toggle system can only achieve full tonnage at the very bottom of the stroke.

Location of the hydraulic until (left or right) to be confirmed at time of order. Price represents the hydraulic unit being located on the opposite side of the electrical enclosure.

Schwabe Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press 

Model SR115, Serial Number 430

Freeman Schwabe Machinery

4064 Clough Woods Drive, 

Cincinnati,  Ohio 45103 USA

Contact Us NOW!

+1 513 947 2888

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