Die Cutting Carpet Tiles & Planks with Hydraulic Beam Press on Urethane Cutting Belt and Automatic Side Loading

SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press, Model SR300 with Urethane Cutting Belt Feed System, Die Cutting Carpet Tiles & Planks.

Press is Capable of Cutting 20 strokes per minute.

General Specifications

Country of Manufacture – USA
Cutting Force – 300 U.S. Tons
Machine Bed & Platen Size – 78.7”D x 86.6”W

Cutting Speed –
SR300 System W/O mechanical stops with direct drive cutting belt, 1″ Stroke, Cutting Carpet, 80″ feed with 70IPS Servo drive = 18 strokes per minute 120 feet per minute material throughput

Cutting Stroke – 8” fully adjustable from 0 to 8” and saved within PLC for easy recall.
Daylight Opening – 12” from head to bed, excluding cutting surface. 

Stroke Control – Linear Transducer, capable of infinitely adjusting the stroke in increments of 0.001”
Single Side Die Loading – Die change can occur from side of the press in 1 minute or less.

2nd Side Die Staging Only – This unit will still retain auto die change ability but will store single die on rails (not on a transport table). Loading of die into this area will be through press from opposite side. Guarding will be of a stationary fence style. Controls for this unit will be integrated into loading side die changer or main control console.

Press is Capable of Cutting 20 strokes per minute.

SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press, Model SR300 with Urethane Cutting Belt Feed System Automatic Dual Units: for Side Loading Die and Staging Die
Minimum cut off waste.
Side Die Loading – Die change can occur from side of the press in 1 minute or less.
Panel Control – Allen Bradley Control Logix PLC (5069 CompactLogix 5380 Controller; Software Ver 29 or later) and touch screen operator interface controls (menu driven). Includes 250-die memory for recall of feed length, sheet rows, etc., (accessed thru a touch screen).
Continuous Urethane Cutting Belt
traveling through press, utilized as a material carrier and cutting surface.
In-Feed Conveyor – approx.96” long.
Includes Weighted roller for material hold down. Infeed Nip Roll Assembly (prior to belt) – Servo driven

Safety Guarding – Meets or exceeds all OSHA machine safety requirements including specification 1910.217(f) as interpreted by Manufacturer.

Head Safety Block – For working under the head of the press.
E-Stop Safety Relays – These relays provide 3 primary functions:
1.Detect faults on safety-related electrical control circuits
2.Provides an ensured switching action.
3.Provides a manual reset facility.
Bellows & Top Hat Protection – Included to prevent debris from entering the center guide and/ or cylinders.
Automatic Lube System – for automatically providing grease to the center guide when needed

For more information contact sales@freemanschwabe.com

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