Converting Foam Packaging on a Die Cutting Press

Freeman SCHWABE manufactures die cutting presses to convert all types of Foam including Polyether Foam, Polyester Foam, Ethafoam, Volara, Closed & Open Cell Sponge Rubber, Cellulose and Scrubber Foam.

The latest SCHWABE USA press is for a Foam Packaging Application with a maximum material thickness of 5″ and some material only 1/2″ thick. The material will be sheet feed manually with the longest sheet being 10′ and multiple sheets will cut at a time.

To meet the application requirements we manufactured a new SCHWABE Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press, Model SR180 with Urethane Cutting Belt Feed System at our production plant in Cincinnati, Ohio.

SCHWABE USA Press Construction

There are only three (3) moving parts in the Schwabe SR design; there is no linkages thereby resulting in less scheduled maintenance and easy serviceability.

Very robust, solid welded steel construction of steel, using FEA (finite element analysis) to ensure long-term service life of your Schwabe Press.

Press and any other necessary accessories must be bolted or pinned to the floor to protect against “walking” out of alignment to the other process equipment. This is buyer’s responsibility.

Press working height 36” – standard

General Specifications

Country of Manufacture – USA

Press Driving Mechanism – Hydraulics

Cutting Force – 180 U.S. Tons

Bed & Platen Size – 50” D x 64” W

Cutting Stroke – 9” fully adjustable

Daylight Opening – 10” from head to bed without cutting surface

Stroke Control – Controlled by linear transducer for accurate positioning of the moving platen. This feature automates the initial setting of the die height which significantly reduces downtime during die changes. Stroke can be adjusted in increments of 0.001”

Side Die Mounting – Pneumatic adjustable die rails in head of press. Die board of both different depths and widths can be installed. The rails will be adjustable in the depth direction of the cutting platen (material flow direction). No center clamp included. Die boards to be loaded from the right side of the machine.

Feed System

Cutting belt drum driven by a variable frequency drive (VFD)

Approx. 108” outside the infeed guard to allow for largest sheet to be placed and aligned prior to beginning the feed

Single side adjustable material guide for aligning the sheet left/right. The guide can be mounted either on the left or right hand side of machine and to be confirmed after engineering desig

For more information contact: or call +1 513 947 2888

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