Industrial Roller Press – Heavy Duty Die Cutting Press

schoen+sandt Roller Press – Heady Duty Manufacturing / Converting

Die Cutting Half & Full Leather Hide and Fabric Material

The schoen+sandt Roller Press is ideal for cutting full & half leather hides and multi layers of fabric. 

Each steel roller is driven via one frequency-regulated gear motor. The passage between the steel rollers is adjustable by a motor in steps of 0,1 mm.

The machine can be extended up to 10 preparation tables. Working with several preparation tables avoids downtimes. 

Benefits – Roller Cutting Machine Press

Separately synchronized drives for steel rollers – no mechanical wear parts.
Soft drive start and stop by frequency controlled drives for less abrasion of control elements.

Siemens S7 PLC with touch panel and clear text error indication Control cabinet is equipped with plugable elements, this ensures quick assembly and disassembly 

Considerable adjustment and diagnostic possibilities by using MultiPanel MP 277
Watch Video DEMO on Freeman Schwabe YouTube Channel

For more information contact by email

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