Die Cutting Gaskets – Machine Demo – Freeman Schwabe Automatic Traveling Head Die Cutting Press

Freeman Schwabe Automatic Traveling Head Die Cutting Press Model NC40 with Clamp/Cutting Belt Feed System Plus Custom/Complex Nesting Capabilities 

General Specifications of Demo Machine

Cutting Force – Forty-four (44) U.S. Tons

Head Size – 29.5” D x 29.5” W

Bed Size –35.4” D x 110.2”W

Head Traverse Center to Center – ~73”

Effective Cutting Area – 33.5 x 82.7”

Minimum Material Width – Approx. 12”

Maximum Material Width – Approx. 72”

Die Mounting – Manual die rails mounted to tooling plate under the head for ease of die change.

Dies/plates loaded through a side access window for quick change. Includes 3 die mounting plates.

Head Rotation – 360 degree head rotation controlled by servo drive

X-Y Axis Travel – Automatic, servo drive ball screw positioning system, accuracy to ±0.01”. 2.0kw servo to drive the ball screw for the y axis, 3.5kw for the x axis For more information Contact: sales@freemanschwabe.com

For more information please contact sales@freemanschwabe.com or call +1 513 947 2888

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