Machine Demo – Die Cutting Machine – Cutting Foam Sponges laminated with Abrasive Material

Cutting Press SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Press Model SR150 tons – Made in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

General Specifications 

Country of Manufacture – USA 

Press Driving Mechanism – Hydraulics 

Cutting Force – 150 U.S. Tons 

Bed & Platen Size – 50” D x 64” W. 

Cutting Stroke – 8” fully adjustable 

Daylight Opening – 10” from head to bed without cutting surface 

Stroke Control – Controlled by linear transducer for accurate positioning of the moving platen. This feature automates the initial setting of the die height which significantly reduces downtime during die changes. Stroke can be adjusted in increments of 0.001” 

Side Die Loading – Fixed pneumatic die rails in head of press. Center pneumatic clamps included to help prevent die board from sagging. Die boards to be loaded from the side of the machine. The fixed outer rails will pneumatically raise and lower. The center clamp opposite of the loading side will pneumatically raise and lower. The center clamp on the operator loading side will not only pneumatically raise and lower, but also conveniently swing out to ensure there is no interference when the die board is loaded

Foam Sponge Scrap Diverter System

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