For Sale – NEW schoen+sandt Down Stroking Receding Beam Press – In Stock

Down Stroking Receding Beam Cutting Press

  • Tonnage – 140 US tons Effective Cutting Area of 81” x 49” (2060mmx1250mm).
  • Daylight 7.3” (185mm).
  • Stroke 6.3” (160mm).
  • Working height of 37.4” (950mm)


• Welded steel construction with 4 columns and receding beam.

• With mechanical synchronization for maintaining plane-parallelism between beam and base

• Without central lubrication, with self-lubricating bushings.

• The beam travel is powered by an electric motor.

• The beam return travel distance is infinitely variable.

• The oil-tight welded hydraulic power unit is installed at the rear side of the cutting machine.

• The electric control cabinet is mounted to one side of the machine. The operator’s panel and all electric operating and control elements are arranged on the front side of the control cabinet.

• A “Siemens S7” PLC controls the various movements.

• Trilingual operator’s guidance via clear text error display

• Preselect stroke counter

• Total stroke counter

• Automatic adjustment to the cutting die height

• Safety light curtain for protection and cutting stroke release

• Cutting stroke release selective via 1-cycle resp. 2-cycle operation or via a push button.

• Protective guarding in accordance with the European Standards

• Modem for quick response, long distance technical diagnosis and remote maintance.

• 4 mechanical low point limits, automatically adjustable, adjusting accuracy 0,05 mm

• New differential hydraulic

For Sale – Receding Beam Down Stroking Cutting Press

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