For Sale – NEW schoen+sandt Up-Stroking Receding Beam Cutting Presses – In Stock

Up-Stroking Receding Beam Cutting Presses – In Stock

schoen+sandt Hydraulic Upstroke Cutting Machine with Receding Beam

Technical Specification

  • Solid welded steel construction
  • 4 mechanical low point limits, automatically adjustable, adjusting accuracy 0,1 mm
  • Stroke movement and the cutting force provided via two hydraulic cylinders, arranged in the machine base
  • Up-stroke table guided by means of a centralized column guidance
  • Beam travel is powered by a motoric driven swivel lever, therefore harmonic travel motion
  • Electric control cabinet mounted to one side of the machine
  • Operator’s panel to control all movements and functions as well as all electric operating and control elements arranged on the front side of control cabinet
  • Preselect stroke counter
  • Total stroke counter
  • Safety light curtain for protection and cutting stroke release
  • Cutting stroke release selective via 1-cycle resp. 2-cycle operation or via a push button
  • Siemens S7 PLC controls the various machine movements
  • Easy menu-guided operating
  • Clear text message and trouble line
  • Trunk diagnosis via VPN to minimize trouble fault times

2 Up-Stroking Receding Beam Cutting Presses – In Stock

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