Heated Platen Press – Industrial Die Cut Machine

Industrial Die Cutting Machine Die Cut Heat Sealing – Heated Platen Press

Machine Demo: Heated Platen Press Die Cut and Heat Seal Parts

Industrial Die Cutter With Heated Platen

Heated Platen Assembly

Approximately 4” thick, including 1” insulation. Manufactured with 3⁄4”D, 1850 watt, 480V cartridge heaters with wire leads, type “J” thermocouples, multi-zone operation, mounting holes for installation to the moving platen and 1” insulation

Die Cutting Press Demo Machine Specifications

– Made in USA

– Designed, Engineered and Assembled in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

  • Cutting Force 230 U.S. Tons
  • Head and Bed Size – 47”D x 71”W3.4.
  • Cutting Stroke – 7” 3.5.
  • Daylight – 8”
  • Stroke Control – Power Adjustable Mechanical stops. Located on the moving platen. (4) stops linked together so that as one stop moves, the other three move accordingly Stops to be powered via a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Will allow stops to automatically go to position when the die height is changed in the HMI The up height will be programmable, therefore the upstroke of the machine will be set via the die recipe
  • Dwell under Pressure – up to 10 seconds


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