Prensa de corte hidráulico y sellado con platinas aplicando temperatura

SCHWABE USA Prensa de corte hidráulico y sellado con platinas aplicando temperatura

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Die Cut Heat Seal

Características y opciones de Software

– Parametros programables de ciclo, almacenamiento de programas y recetas.

– Almacena hasta 250 recetas con el  paquete de control básico.

Programación & Preservación

• Valores de presión y posición de la platina

• Las temperaturas incluyen aceleración y deceleración controladas

• Tempo de permanencia deseado para el proceso de sellado

Temperatura de Operación de Sellado.

La Prensa Schwabe Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press con platinas que funcionan con calentamiento a una temperatura por encima de 550 grados Fahrenheit / 287 grados Celsius e incluye multiples zonas de calor.

Las platinas de calor son controladas electricamente y también pueden ser controladas por calentamiento de aceite. Por lo general, esto es específico al requerimiento del cliente o se basa en los requisitos de la aplicación. 

Las características incluyen un control de temperatura por separado y además de la permanencia y presión, son programables con parámetros guardados en el PLC para la recuperación futura de recetas.

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SCHWABE USA Press Accessories & Material Handling Systems

SCHWABE USA – Press Accessories & Material Handling Systems

General Master Charts.035

SCHWABE USA – Accesorios para Prensa y Sistemas de Manejo de Materiales

(SPANISH) MASTER Freeman SCHWABE - Recursos 2020 - 2021.030

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Corte de Esponja, Textiles y Materiales Laminados: SCHWABE Prensas de Corte

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Corte de Esponja, Textiles y Materiales Laminados: Schwabe Prensas de Corte

Cubreasientos e Interiores Automotrices


SCHWABE Cutting Press with Die Vac

SCHWABE USA utiliza el sistema vacío para precomprimir diferentes tipos de materiales antes de quesean cortados en la máquina SCHWABE Straight Ram Beam Press evitando así el movimiento del material y asegurando el corte exacto de las partes.

– Procesa gran volume de cubreasientos e interiores automotrices.

– Logra una gran presición y excelente eficiencia de material.

– Utiliza el sistema DieVac de Ontario Die International 

– Se usa para cortar materiales laminados, telas, vinyl en  

  multiples capas con anchos hasta de 2.5 metros.


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SCHWABE USA Presses – Core Global Industries / Industrias Globales Fundamentales

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SCHWABE USA Core Global Industries

Since 1935 SCHWABE USA Presses are known for their Quality, Robustness and Performance! 

Herman Schwabe was an American pioneer and innovator in the manufacture of die cutting machinery.

SCHWABE USA continues to engineer and build SCHWABE die cutting and compression molding presses today at Freeman Schwabe’s manufacturing plant in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Auto, Flooring, Packaging

Desde 1935 la empresa SCHWABE USA Prensas de Corte son conocidas por la Calidad, Fuerza y Rendimiento!  

Herman Schwabe fue el pionero Americano y innovador en la manufactura de máquinas de prensa de corte.

SCHWABE USA continua diseñando y fabricando prensas por corte de dado y moldeo por compresión en la actualidad en la sede Freeman Schwabe situada Cincinnati, Ohio, Estados Unidos.


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Cutting Multi Layers of Fiberglass HVAC Material – Machine Demo today on Shop Floor

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Cutting Multiple Layers of Fiberglass HVAC Material


Belt Clamp Feed System

SCHWABE USA  Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press

Model SR230


General Specifications
Country of Manufacture – USA
Cutting Force – 230 U.S. Tons
Bed Size – 70”W x 75”D
Head Size – 71”W x 76”D
Die boards are 70”W x 75”D plus up to a half inch on each side. Extra 1” added to the platen to allow for die boards to easily slide into the die rails when in there out most position
Cutting Stroke – 8”
Daylight Opening – 9” from head to bed without cutting surface.
Cutting Surface – Nylon Belt



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Luxury Vinyl Flooring in USA – Producing LV Planks with SCHWABE USA

Luxury Vinyl Flooring in USA – Producing Luxury Vinyl Planks

Schwabe USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press with Belt Feed System Model SR150

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SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Die Cutting Press Construction

DSCF7132 (1)

Central Guide Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press with two (2) cylinder hydraulic system; the cylinders also act as the actuating mechanism of the press, pushing down from a top structure vs. pulling down from a bottom structure.

The cylinders are mounted inboard on the press in order to create a matching deflection between the head and bed, rather than having the head and bed gap the way conventional four post presses tend to do.

The heavy duty, rigid, large diameter center guide is used to keep the head and bed parallel vs. a hydraulic balancing system or some type of linkage/toggle mechanism.

The Schwabe exclusive design eliminates the need for adjustment should the system be carrying an unbalanced load.

There are only five (3) moving parts in the Schwabe SR Press design; there is no linkages thereby resulting in less scheduled maintenance and easy serviceability.

Press and any other necessary accessories must be bolted or pinned to the floor to protect against “walking” out of alignment to the other process equipment. This is buyer’s responsibility.

Press and Hydraulic Power Unit to be painted Pantone 3015/ RAL 5017. The moving platen will be painted Safety Orange RAL 2009/Pantone 172. Any safety items will be painted Safety Yellow RAL 1021/Pantone 1235

Working Height – 36″

General Specifications

  • Country of Manufacture – USA

  • Cutting Force – 150 U.S. Tons

  • Head & Bed Size – 50”D x 64”W

  • Cutting Stroke – 8”

  • Daylight Opening – 13-11/16″ Due to Spacers being added

  • Cutting Surface – Nylon cutting belt


Controls are Allen Bradley PLC with touch screen operator interface

  • Capable of 250 die recipe storage.

  • Includes die memory for recall of feed length, sheet rows, etc., (accessed thru a touch screen).

  • Includes various production/maintenance reports (screens) menu driven as well as computerized diagnostics with Ethernet capability for telephone diagnostics/trouble-shooting.

Feed System

DSCF7132 (1)

  •  Direct drive belt using servo drive and motor.

  • The use of the servo will allow for precise timing between the cutting belt of the die cutter with the incoming and outgoing conveyors

  • Material Alignment Device – includes stop gate to help position material before going into press

  • Acceleration Conveyor – to help stage material from customer line before going onto cutting belt. Servo driven to assist with the timing between the conveyor and the cutting belt. 


Additional Features of feed system:

Cutting Surface – Nylon cutting belt included

The cutting belt will extend passed the die loading rails approximately 54” to allow for the operator to pick directly from the cutting belt.


For more information contact

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