Die Cutting Thermoplastic Sheets creates PreFormed Road Markings

Thermoplastic Material

“A thermoplastic is a material, usually a plastic polymer, which becomes more soft when heated and hard when cooled. Thermoplastic materials can be cooled and heated several times without any change in their chemistry or mechanical properties” Wikipedia

Road Markings use Thermoplastics
Thermo Plastics Road Markeings

Applying Thermoplastics

Creating Preformed Road Markings by Die Cutting Thermoplastic Sheets

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Freeman SCHWABE is proficient in die cutting thermoplastic to convert the material to preformed shapes for applying to asphalt or cement as road or pavement markings.

The preformed thermoplastic road markings include a mixture of glass beads, pigments, binder and filler materials:

    • “Glass beads -provide the retro reflectivity necessary for its bright night time appearance 
    • Pigments –  provide the color and opacity
    • Binder a mixture of plasticizer and resins that provide toughness, flexibility, and bond strength while holding all the components together
    • Fillers – Thermoplastic Types:such as calcium carbonate, sand and/or other inert substances that provide bulk”

In the photos and video below Freeman SCHWABE is die cutting thermoplastics into road markings on a Full Head Hydraulic Beam Press with Direct Drive Belt Feed System.

Road Markings Sheet

Freeman SCHWABE die cutting Thermoplastic sheets for Road Markings

Road MArkings

Freeman SCHWABE die cut Thermoplastic preformed Road Markings

Road Markings Die Cut

Freeman SCHWABE die cut Thermoplastic preformed Road Markings

Watch video on Freeman SCHWABE YouTube channellogo2


Die Cutting Thermoplastic Sheet Material on Nylon Belt

Freeman Schwabe Model FH100 Full Head Hydraulic Beam Press with Direct Drive Belt Feed System & Head Mounted Die

General Specifications

Cutting Force – 110 U.S. Tons

Head & Bed Size – 29.9” D x 47.2” W

Effective Cutting Area – 27.9”D x 40.1”W

Cutting Stroke – 4.3”

Daylight – 5.3″ from head to bed without cutting surface.

Belt Width – 45.2”

Sheet Size – 25” x 40”

Rule to Rule, Largest Die – 24” x 39”

Motorized 4 Post Mechanical Stops – with Linear Transducer.

Die Mounting – 4 Position Pneumatic Fixed Die Clamps

Cutting Surface – Nylon Belt

Panel Control – Allen Bradley PLC


For More Information contact sales@FreemanSchwabe.com

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Freeman Schwabe #2710 Foam EXPO with Advanced Fab & Machine for laminating

FoamExpo Freeman Schwabe

Visit Freeman Schwabe Exhibit #2710 at FoamEXPO Schwabe Press

Freeman SCHWABE  is a global OEM of the highest quality Hydraulic Die Cutting Presses / Cutting Systems and Manufacturing Software, for converting Foam Products and Foam Packaging.

Freeman SCHWABE manufactures the world-renowned brand of SCHWABE USA presses proudly built in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Freeman SCHWABE invited Advanced Machine Fab to share their expertise in Laminating at our booth #2710.

Any inquiries with reference to Laminating or Knife Cutting should be directed to Craig S. Pearce – General Manager at Advanced Fab & Machine who will be at our booth during the show March 24-26th.

Contact details: Craig S. Pearce – General Manager craig@afmga.com

Advanced Fab & Machine IncAFMLogo

Advanced Machine Shop Inc.

480 Corinth Rd

Newnan, GA 30263

C 404.554.7620


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Coated Abrasives Fabricators Associations (CAFA) Meeting April 1-4th


2020 Convention April 1 – April 4 Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa

Planning to attend and meet other members in the networking sessions at the CAFA 2020 Convention in Tucson, Arizona.

Freeman Schwabe Die Cutting Coated Abrasives


Coated abrasive material (40 to 320 grade)
One (1) layer of material is cut at a time 
Minimum Material Thickness – 1/64” 
Maximum Material Thickness – 1/8” 
Number of different size/shape parts – over 200 
Smallest Converted Part – 2” x 0.5” 
Largest Converted Part – 12” x 4 1⁄4”

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FoamEXPO March 24-26th Freeman Schwabe Booth #2710

FoamExpo Freeman SchwabeDie Cutting Hydraulic Presses Booth #2710 (2)

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Cutting Foam Planks – In-Feed / Out-Feed Pneumatic Pinch Roll Systems

FoamExpo Freeman Schwabe

 Die Cutting Foam Planks 

Full Head Hydraulic Beam Press Model FH110 tons


In-Feed and Out-Feed Pneumatic Pinch Roll Systems

Feed System

In-feed pneumatic pinch roll feeding system, open stroke 8.3” with no staging area beyond guard.
In-feed sheet sensor
Mitsubishi servo drive for accurate material indexing
Inboard adjustable 1 sided material side guide

Combined photo

Out-feed pneumatic pinch roll feeding system, open stroke 8.3”, combined with approx. 98.4” long table with approx. 65” picking area beyond guard.
Mitsubishi servo drive
Out-feed sheet sensor
The out-feed system can be rolled away backwards for die change.
A guard interlock switch for the roll away out-feed 


DSCF5541 (1)
Various types of foam planking
1⁄4” to 2” steel rule dies
Maximum foam thickness is 7”
11.8” daylight – 1” shifting plate – 0.4” cutting pad – 2” max. die = 8.4”

Recommended maximum material thickness: < 7.9”
Sheets 48” x 108”
Die Board Thickness: 5/8”
Minimum Material Thickness: 1⁄4”

FoamExpo Freeman Schwabe


General Specifications

DSCF5533 (1)Cutting Force – 110 U.S. Tons
Head & Bed Size – 35.4 ”D x 62.9” W
Effective Cutting Area – 33.5” D x 56.3” W with die rails and pad shifter 2.4.Cutting Stroke – 9.8”
Daylight Opening – 11.8” from head to bed without cutting surface

Bottom Stroke Setting – Linear transducer
Reinforced Press Head – For foam cutting
Die Mounting – 4 Position Pneumatic adjustable die rails
Cutting Surface – Polypropylene cutting pad with pad oscillator on the bed. 


Meets or exceeds all OSHA machine safety requirements


DSCF5536 (1)Allen Bradley PLC and touch screen operator interface controls (menu driven). Includes 250-die memory for recall of feed length, sheet rows, etc., (accessed thru a touch screen). 

  • Includes various production/maintenance reports (screens) menu
    driven as well as computerized diagnostics with Ethernet capability for telephone diagnostics/trouble-shooting.


FoamEXPO Booth #2710

Contact us to Reserve an Appointment

Greg DeFisher – President & CEO gdefisher@freemanschwabe.com

Dylan Kattine – Sales & Customer Support dkattine@freemanschwabe.com

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Cubreasientos Automotrices:SCHWABE Prensas de Corte

schwabe logo

Cubreasientos Automotrices

SCHWABE USA Straight RAM Hydraulic Beam Press Modelo SR 350 para corte completo de piel

Howe Leather

  • Diseñado específicamente para el corte completo del cuero (como se muestra en las fotos).

  • Capaz de manejar la mesa de dados de hasta 98 “ de ancho x 108″ de largo (2.5 m x 2.7 m).

  • Sistema de bandas transportadoras de entrada y salida.






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Cubreasientos e Interiores Automotrices: SCHWABE Prensas de Corte

schwabe logo

SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Beam Press con sistema de alimentación incremental


  • Ideal para cortar materiales para asientos automotrices excepto piel.

  • Diseñado para ir aumentando la alimentación por medio de dados una longitud más grande el área de corte. 

  • Disponible con mesas de extension para mejor facilidad en la transferencia de dados entrando y saliendo el sistema de alimentación para recoger las partes cortadas y tendido de material.



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