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“Meet Up” with Freeman SCHWABE at our Exhibit at FOAMEXPO Connect LIVE Digital / Virtual Event

Let’s “meet up” and discuss our Smart Pricing solution for your 

Foam Cutting Application needs. 

Contact Dylan Kattine – Head of Sales Freeman SCHWABE Machinery

View Email Invitation Your Stats With Our Mobile App

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Freeman Schwabe is Exhibiting next 5 days LIVE at FoamExpo Connect

Visit the Freeman SCHWABE Exhibit at FoamExpo Connect

Today, over 2,000 professionals logged into our game-changing virtual space and collaborated to participate in hundreds of online B2B meetings, engage and learn from interactive live sessions and form new business relationships through the AI-powered matchmaking service.

Registration for this event is free and we’re only just getting started! 
Register now and start connecting with your industry peers in preparation for the week ahead!

Visit the Freeman SCHWABE Exhibit at FoamExpo Connect

“Expert speakers from Cargill Bioindustrial GroupZotefoams and Woodbridge Foam Corporation kicked off the live sessions agenda in their illuminating debate ‘Staying Ahead of the Curve: How to Achieve the Balance Between Cost Efficiency and Sustainability’.

 Listeners were taken on an in-depth reflection on 2020 and how manufacturing priorities and end-user requirements have been changed by a year of disruption and uncertainty. “

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Congratulations to the WINNERS of Wards Auto 2020 Best Interiors vehicles made with SCHWABE USA Die Cutting Presses DIEVAC® System.

Wards Auto 2020 Best Interiors vehicles using SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press with a Progressive Feed System using the DIEVAC® System by ODI.

How does the DIEVAC® System work with the SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press with a Progressive Feed System?

Up to 40cm (10″) of tri-laminate material is positioned on top of the steel rule die or Dieverse TM. Tooling. The hood then encloses the die and material within the carrier, the cutting matrix being mounted in the hood. A vacuum pump then expels the air from the system which draws the hood down and compresses the material to approximately 5cm (2″) in height.

The entire system is then incrementally fed through the SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press specially fitted to suit the DIEVAC® process. When the vacuum is turned off, the lay recovers to its original height and the hood is automatically lifted clear. The components are then removed and the cycle can be repeated with a new lay of material.

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Schwabe Cutting Presses at FoamExpo Connect Virtual Event

Visit Freeman Schwabe “virtual exhibit” at FoamExpo Connect

With a week to go to the start of FoamEXPO Connect we have started to identify “favorite connections” and now planning to “meet up” with current and potential customers.

Contact Dylan Kattine (Head of Sales) or Greg DeFisher (President & CEO) to arrange to “meet up”.

Freeman Schwabe Full Head Beam Press Die Cutting Foam Planks

This Interactive Digital Event has already had more than two thousand visitors log on the Foam Expo Connect//Adhesives & Bonding Connect platform.

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Another big Sales Week for SCHWABE Cutting Presses

Last week proved to be a busy week for orders at Freeman SCHWABE, both for In-Stock Machines and Customized Presses.

Check out our Stock Inventory website page.

Contact Dylan Kattine (Head of Sales) for more information or RFQ

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Die Cutting High Volumes of NVH Auto Trim Parts

Die Cutting High Volumes of NVH Auto Trim Parts

The video below shows two SCHWABE cutting presses, die cutting NVH parts for Auto Interior Trim manufacturers.

1. Kiss Cutting Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH) Auto Trim Parts from Roll Feed System

SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press Model SR350

General Specifications

Cutting Force – 350 U.S. Tons
Head & Bed Size – 60”D (front to back) x 80”W (left to right) 

Cutting Stroke – 0 – 8” Programmable and infinitely adjustable 

Cutting Surface – Hardened ground steel plate; 1⁄4” thick with Rockwell Hardness 50-52.
Quick Change Pneumatic Adjustable Die Rails – Mounted to the head

2. Cutting High Volumes Automotive Trim NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness)

Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Shuttle Press Cutting on Belt with Clamp Feed System Model SR470

General Specifications

Country of Manufacture – USA

Cutting Force – 470 U.S. Tons

Head & Bed Size – 60”D x 80”W

Cutting Stroke – 9” 

Daylight Opening – 10” from head to bed without cutting surface.

For more information contact :

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Foam Expo Connect interactive digital event is now LIVE

 Foam Expo Connect interactive digital event is Live

> How do I search exhibitors and products?

You can view Freeman Schwabe in the full exhibitor list by using the “exhibitor list” button on the top menu. You can filter and search by exhibition name and product categories.

You will also find recommended exhibitors in the “recommendations” section on the left-hand side menu.

> How do I request an online meeting?

To request a meeting with Freeman Schwabe click the “meeting” icon on the exhibitor profile. This will open a screen where a new meeting request can be set up. You can request who you want to meet, send a message, and schedule a time.  The exhibitor will receive your request and accept it or suggest a new time. 

> How do I send and receive messages?

You can send messages to Freeman Schwabe.

Messages are accessed from the profile of the person you wish to contact.

– Click on the ‘message’ button within their profile.

 – A chat window will appear; you can type your message and click send.

 – The recipient will receive a notification indicating that they have received a new message, and they will be able to reply.

Follow on Twitter:  @FoamExpo@adsandbondexpo

Official Twitter hashtag: #FoamExpo #adhesivesbondingexpo

Like on Facebook: Foam ExpoAdhesives & Bonding Expo

Follow on LinkedIn: Foam ExpoAdhesives & Bonding Expo 

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Freeman Schwabe will “exhibit” at the Foam EXPO Virtual EVENT August 24-28th 2020

FOAM EXPO CONNECT will take place August 24-28th

“A highly interactive digital event experience designed to facilitate business connections, peer-to-peer conversations and networking, and creating opportunities for people to come together, and collectively identify the latest ideas, technologies, and supply chain solutions”.

We look forward to participating in the Foam EXPO virtual event Foam EXPO CONNECT.

The current schedule is as follows:

Live sessions running daily from 10:30AM – 02:30PM ET (02:30PM – 06:30PM GMT)

Individual meetings and networking taking place between 10:00AM – 04:00PM ET (02:00PM – 08:00PM GMT) each event day

Book a meeting directly with Dylan Kattine who is Head of Sales at Freeman Schwabe.

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Die Cutting Fiberglass Insulation HVAC Material

Die Cutting Fiberglass Insulation HVAC Material on Belt Clamp Feed System

SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press SR230

Fiberglass is used as resilient blankets for liquid natural gas tanks, pipe insulation, duct liners and die cut for HVAC insulation applications e.g. temperature insulation, acoustical insulation pads and blankets.

Watch Video Demo below on Freeman Schwabe YouTube Channel

The Demo shows one layer of HVAC material being cut, the SCHWABE USA SR press is capable of cutting multiple layers of the material.

Demo Material : Minimum material thickness: 1⁄2” Maximum material thickness: 6”

Min material width: 36” Maximum material width: 65”

Die Cutting Fiberglass Insulation HVAC Material

General Specifications

Country of Manufacture – USA
Cutting Force – 230 U.S. Tons
Bed Size – 70”W x 75”D
Head Size – 71”W x 76”D
Die boards are 70”W x 75”D plus up to a half inch on each side. Extra 1” added to the platen to allow for die boards to easily slide into the die rails when in there out most position
Cutting Stroke – 8”
Daylight Opening – 9” from head to bed without cutting surface.
Cutting Surface – Nylon Belt

Cutting Speeds

SR230, with no mechanical stops and clamp feed, 2” cutting stroke, 75” material feed using 40IPS servo drive = 9-9.5 strokes a minute using 54GPM unit at 3000PSI


Safety Guarding – Meets or exceeds all OSHA machine safety requirements including specification 1910.217(f) as interpreted by Manufacturer.
Head Safety Block – For working under the head of the press.
E-Stop Safety Relays – These relays provide 3 primary functions:
Detect faults on safety-related electrical control circuits (i.e. faults in sensors, wiring, contactors, etc.)
Provides an ensured switching action.
Provides a manual reset facility.
Outfeed guarding

Feed System

Type – Clamp feed/ belt combination
Continuous belt traveling through press, utilized as a material carrier and cutting surface, transported by a rear (in-feed) mounted pneumatic clamp feed unit, with no staging area beyond the guard.Clamp feed system complete with one movable pneumatically actuated clamp bar with linear bearing guide for smooth, precise travel. Also includes one pneumatically actuated fixed clamp bar with manual controls located on in feed side of press. Moveable clamp is powered by a Servo Drive for accurate positioning of the cutting belt.

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