Lowest Cost – Leather Cutting Full Hide – High Volumes – Auto Seating & Trim

“..almost 90% of leather used for automotive (Seating & interior trim) applications is cut using manual die presses” (Frost & Sullivan: Best Practice Research Report 2017)

SCHWABE USA Die Cutting Presses provide LOWEST COST precision cutting of HIGH VOLUMES of LEATHER Full Hide and Half  Hide

Front New Die Vac Cut SHeetNew Die Vac Cut SHeet

SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press with InFeed and OutFeed Conveyors for Full Hide Leather Cutting. 
Used with a large die board with hand placed tools for cutting a single ply of material or multiple layers of material.  Index feed accuracy up to 1/32″ for precise cutting.  Press can feed die boards and material from both sides of the press increasing throughput and productivity.

Over 20 die boards with material  can be cycled through the press per hour.  The tool could also be head mounted and the press operates as an automatic progressive feed press, again with extremely tight index tolerances can be achievable. 

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Lowest Cost – High Volumes – Die Cut Heat Seal Applications

with Die Cutting Presses_resized

SCHWABE Presses For ALL your High Volume Die Cut Heat Seal APPLICATIONS

Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press with Heated Platen – from 35 tons to 500 tons

Lowest Cost High Volumes – Precision Die Cut Heat Seal

Standard feature includes programmable dwell time (up to 2 minutes or longer depending on the application requirements).  The recipe for each program or job is saved in the HMI for future recall.  

The SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press can use top heat, bottom heat or both depending upon your application or your customer’s requirement. 

FRONT Die Cut Heat Seal PDF Cut SheetBack Die CUt Heat Seal PDF Cut Sheet
SCHWABE Hydraulic Presses with heated platen are designed, engineered & assembled in Cincinnati, Ohio USA to meet the needs of your die cut heat seal application.


Software control options feature programmable cycle parameters, job/program storage and recipe handling capability.  Up to 250 individual recipes can be stored with our standard control package.  

Lowest Cost High Volumes – Precision Die Cut Heat Seal

built-stronger-graphic copy.png

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High Volume Cutting Non Woven Fabric Lowest Cost Production

Lowest Cost High Volume Cutting of Non Woven Fabric Material – Auto Seating & Interior Trim Components

SCHWABE Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press with Die Vacuum Cutting System  

High volume manufacture of automotive interior trim components is achieved with great precision and excellent material efficiency using Ontario Die International’s Dievac system on a SCHWABE progressive feed straight ram hydraulic beam press.

 This system of diecutting is used for cutting both rolled and sheeted laminated fabrics and vinyl in multiple layers in widths up to 2.5 m wide.

Die Vac front

New Die Vac Sheet


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Press Release: SCHWABE Die Cutting Vacuum System – Mass Production

SCHWABE Die Cutting Vacuum System Favored by Leading Automotive Seating Company for High Volume / Mass Production Parts Manufacture

Leading manufacturers in the Auto Interior Trim industry use different machinery and technology to optimize different production needs e.g. SCHWABE USA large format die cutting vacuum systems are favored for high volume / mass production auto trim / seat cover parts manufacture.

“The automotive seating market is a highly consolidated market dominated by major companies such as Adient, Lear Corporation, Faurecia and Grupo Antolin…together hold more than 66% of the global market.” Mordor intelligence.com

Global Auto Interior Trims and Seat Cover Industry
Lear Corporation profile

Lear Corporation is a global manufacture of seating and has 96,000 seating employees across 31 countries, with 23% market share of seating globally. Revenue of seating surface materials is $4.1 Bn, and the company is leader in leather and cut & sew.

Lear Corporation is the world leader in luxury & performance automotive seating.
“Lear Corporation fully integrated manufacturer of the entire seat, we have a proven track record in delivering quality seating systems to the auto industry at competitive prices. At Lear, we work with every major automaker the world over, supplying completed seats for programs ranging from the highest-volume platforms to specialty applications, covering every segment from small car to full-size sport utilities”.(Ref: Lear Website).

Die Vac SR675 charts for video.003

SCHWABE USA large format die cutting vacuum systems are preferred by leading auto interior manufacturer to cut high volume / mass production auto trim / seat cover parts.

Seat Cover Manufacturing

lear logoLear Corporation is the most vertically integrated seat cover supplier in the Automotive Interior industry, and has 257 seating & component manufacturing facilities across the world, producing from niche quantity products to high volume / mass production of seating parts and the finished seats.

Lear uses different machinery and technology to optimize its different production and manufacturing needs i.e. automated cutting machines for smaller niche production, and SCHWABE USA large format die cutting vacuum systems for its high volume / mass production parts manufacture. Most leading automotive interior trim and seating companies optimize their lean manufacturing in this way.

Seating Innovation

Lear is a leading innovator and is “uniquely positioned for innovation and growth with electronics and software expertise”
Lear is focused on the CONVERGENCE of MOBILITY, CONNECTIVITY and ELECTRIFICATION in line with the auto seating industry mega trends of:
personal network
light weight
shared mobility
health and wellness
electrified products
Lear Investor Day Presentation June 2018

Lear Manufacturing – Best Practices

Lear Corporation uses best practices in it’s efficient seat cover manufacturing to ensure the best quality performance and integration of the trim and seat assemblies
“…manufacturing cells offer cutting-edge technologies and premium surface enhancements to deliver distinct designs for brand differentiation”.

An example of an efficient seating manufacturing cell is the embossing of seat covers using SCHWABE USA – Hydraulic Cutting Presses Made in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

For more information please contact
4064 Clough Woods Drive, 
Ohio 45103 USA

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Register for FloorTek NOW! It’s FREE to attend. Visit Freeman Schwabe Booth#509

Visit Freeman Schwabe at FloorTek 

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Florring FINAL Cut Sheet


SEPTEMBER 10-12, 2019

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High Volume Cutting Auto Interior Trim NVH

Cutting High Volumes of Non Woven Fabric Automotive Trim NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness)

Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Shuttle Press Cutting on Belt with Clamp Feed System

Model SR470



General Specifications

Country of Manufacture – USA

Cutting Force – 470 U.S. Tons

Head & Bed Size – 60”D x 80”W

Cutting Stroke – 9” 

Daylight Opening – 10” from head to bed without cutting surface.

Bottom Stroke Limit – Press will be equipped with programmable motorized stop rods for positive mechanical restriction of the bottom of the stroke. All four stops are linked together for accurate positioning. Programmed in adjustments of 0.001” increments. 

Up Stroke Control – Controlled by linear transducer.

Auto Fabric Trim PartCLose Up of Die ShuttleOutfeed Trim Parts



Edited Logo

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Different Cutting Technology for Different Cutting Auto Interior Trim Needs

hfi-logoHFI Inc has over 30 years experience in producing automotive seat trim, and other interior trim products & materials. HFI is a leading Tier 2 high volume supplier of automotive interior trim specializing in cut and sew, foam-in-place, small parts foam and assembly operations. HFI is recognised as a low cost, high quality producer.

Different Cutting Technology for Different Cutting Needs

HFI explains in their website that they use different cutting processes across five facilities to optimise production and on time delivery. Our state-of-the-art cutting technology includes die press, knife cutting and laser cutting. We operate numerous cutting machines across five facilities, delivering the right products promptly, reliably and with outstanding customer service support“.   HFI website

We are proud to manufacture the SCHWABE die press in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. SCHWABE die presses are trusted by the majority of automotive trim leading manufacturers, for full hide leather cutting, high volume non woven / fabric parts cutting with vacuum system and auto trim foam parts.  


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