Die Cut Heat Seal Fabric on Belt Clamp Feed System – with Upper Heated Platen

with Die Cutting Presses

SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press Model SR350

Cutting on Belt Clamp Feed System with Upper Heated Platen for Die Cut Heat Seal


Faster Side Die Loading Unit


General Specifications

Country of Manufacture – USA

Cutting Force – 350 U.S. Tons

Head & Bed Size – 60”D x 80”W

Cutting Stroke – 8” Daylight

Opening – 9” from head to bed without cutting surface.


Belt Clamp Feed System on SCHWABE SR350

Belt Clamp Feed System on SCHWABE SR350

Cutting Surface – Nylon Belt

Pneumatic Adjustable Die Rails – – Die to be manually loaded from the side of the press Standing at the outfeed of the machine, facing the center press, die to be loaded from the left side of the machine

SR-350 System with mechanical stops and Clamp-Feed, 1″ Stroke, 60″ feed at 60IPS Servo drive (no dwell time) =13-14 strokes per minute


Heated Platen – Approximately 60”D x 80”W top heated platen.

Die Cut Heat Seal Upper Heated Platen on Schwabe Model 350

Die Cut Heat Seal with Upper Heated Platen on Schwabe Model 350

Panel Control – Allen Bradley PLC and touch screen operator interface controls (menu driven).

Feed System – Clamp feed/ belt combination


Belt Clamp Feed System Clamp feed system complete with one movable pneumatically actuated clamp bar with linear bearing guide for smooth, precise travel.

Also includes one pneumatically actuated fixed clamp bar with manual controls located on in feed side of press.

Both clamps equipped with stop mechanism to control closing position so that material is not crushed.Clamps have 6” maximum opening (adjustable) and are designed to run multiple plies of material.


Faster Side Die Loading 


Fastest Side Die Loading SCHWABE SR350

Fastest Side Die Loading SCHWABE SR350

Contact sales@freemanschwabe.com

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Freeman Schwabe nombra nuevo servicio al cliente y soporte de ventas, ubicado en México.

Corporate Logo

Marco Espinosa se unió recientemente a Freeman Schwabe como Ingeniero de Ventas y Servicios (México) y es responsable de la gestión de clientes y soporte técnico de ventas para clientes comerciales en México.

Como ingeniero de ventas y servicios, Marco reportará directamente a Dylan Kattine, Editquien administra las ventas y el servicio de atención al cliente en la sede de Freeman Schwabe en Cincinnati, Ohio, EE. UU.

Marco trabajará directamente con el Gerente de Ventas y Servicio al Cliente y el Gerente de Servicio Técnico y Ingeniería en conceptos y aplicaciones para garantizar que la cotización coincida exactamente con la solicitud del cliente.

Marco también trabajará con este grupo para garantizar que los clientes reciban asistencia técnica de calidad, que incluye lo siguiente:
– Proporcionar consultas técnicas y servicio a los clientes para ayudarles a mejorar sus aplicaciones utilizando nuestras máquinas.
– Explicación, demostración de mejoras operativas, rendimiento de materiales y eficiencia de los equipos Freeman Schwabe.
– Instalar y mantener máquinas nuevas y actuales en México.
– Diagnosticar problemas técnicos complejos y realizar reparaciones en sito. (Mecánica, eléctrica, hidráulica, neumática, y control).
– Interpretar de manera efectiva los esquemas y diagramas de bloques para analizar y solucionar problemas.

Email: Marco Espinosa mespinosa@freemanschwabe.com

Cel: +1 52 8771015965

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Freeman Schwabe appoints New Customer Service & Sales Support, located in Mexico.

Corporate Logo

 Marco Espinosa recently joined Freeman Schwabe as Sales & Service Engineer (Mexico) and is responsible for customer management and technical sales support for business clients in Mexico. 

EditAs Sales & Service Engineer, Marco will report directly to Dylan Kattine who manages Sales and Customer Support at the Freeman Schwabe headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Marco will work directly with the Sales and Customer Service Manager, Technical Service Manager and Engineering on customer concepts and applications to ensure the customer quote accurately match the customer’s request. 

Marco will also work with this group to ensure customers receive quality technical assistance, including the following:
– provide technical consultation and service to customers to help improve their applications using our machines
– explaining and demonstrating operational improvements and material yields and efficiency of Freeman Schwabe equipment
– install and service new and current machines within Mexico
– diagnose complex technical problems and perform on-site repairs. (mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and controls)
– effectively interpret schematics and block diagrams to analyze and troubleshoot.


Email: Marco Espinosa mespinosa@freemanschwabe.com

Phone: +52 1 8771015965

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Cutting Presses – In-Stock Inventory June 2019

NEW and USED Cutting Presses Stock Inventory as at June 6th 2019


NEW Up-Stroking Cutting Press for Sale

Up-Acting Receding Beam Hydraulic Press 70 US Tons In-Stock located Cincinnati, Ohio

General Specifications

  • Up stroking RB machine
    • Head/bed size of 1200mm x 800mm
    • Cutting force of 70US Tons
    • Pad Oscillator
    • No positive stops


More Information sales@freemanschwabe.com


NEW Cutting Press for Sale

Receding Beam Down Acting Hydraulic Press 140 US Tons In-Stock Cincinnati, Ohio

General Specifications

  • Tonnage – 140 US tons 
  • Effective Cutting Area of 81” x 49” (2060mmx1250mm). 
  • Daylight 7.3” (185mm).
  • Stroke 6.3” (160mm).
  • Working height of 37.4” (950mm)

Schoen RB #2 FS Logo

USED Full Head Cutting Press for Sale

USED Full Head Hydraulic Beam Press 27 Tons located in Waterford,WI

FOR SALE “as is where is” $10,000
Freeman Schwabe Serial number FH02007 (verified)
USED Full Head Press
FOR SALE  “as is where is” 

Located in Waterford WI
Tonnage: 27 tons
Head/Bed Size: 19.6”D x 49.2”W
Daylight: 6.1”
Stroke: 4.33”Date of manufacture: 2002
​For Sales “as is where is”

USED  $10,000USD. No warranty

NEW Cutting Press for Sale

NEW SCHWABE USA Hydraulic Up-Stroking Cutting Press, located Cincinnati, Ohio
Model DG-HD75


Selling Price – Hydraulic Up-Stroking Cutting Press
$118,798.00 (USD)

DG-HD75 Press PLUS Heated Platen Option for Die Cut Heat Seal
$132,960.00 (USD)


USED Cutting Press for Sale

 USED SCHWABE USA Model DG35, located Concord, North Carolina

For Sale “as is where is” $25,000 No Warranty

General Specifications

  • Serial # 50183
  • 35 US Tons
  • Head & Bed – 30”D x 34”W
  • Cutting Stroke – 5”
  • Daylight Opening – 7.25”
  • Power requirements – 230V, 3 phase, 60 Hz

For more information contact sales@freemanschwabe.com 

All Machines and Presses are subject to prior sale.

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NEW Automatic Traveling Head Press by SCHWABE Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

SCHWABE Automatic Traveling Head Press, Model STH-75

With InFeed Pinch Roll feed system for indexing material under the head of the Press.

with Die Cutting Presses


General Specifications

Made in USA – Designed, Engineered and Assembled in Cincinnati, Ohio USA
Cutting Force – 75 U.S. Tons
Head Size – 65”D x 65”W
-Bottom portion of the head to be stainless steel 304
Bed Size – 65” D x 90” W
-Top portion of the bed to be stainless steel 304

Working Height – 36”
Cutting Stroke – 6” adjustable
Daylight Opening – 7”

Dual Chain Traverse – Powered by AC motor with encoder for accurate placement of the head.
-Machine capable of shifting 12” right or left from center (24” of travel total)

built-stronger-graphic copy
Linear Transducer – for bottom stroke setting, capable of infinitely adjusting the stroke in increments of 0.001”
Die Mounting – Manual die rails in head of press that are manually adjustable left to right for different size die boards and cutting boards.

Feed System

In-Feed pneumatic pinch roll feed with no staging area beyond the guard.

Feed length to be programmed for automatic recall through the HMI

Feed can be manually activated using touchless palm buttons

The bottom roll of the pinch roll assembly will be designed so that it is placed approx. 5/8” above the base of the machine (not including any wear plate or cutting pad).


For more information call

1 513 947 2888


Email sales@freemanschwabe.com

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FOR SALE: NEW Up-Stroking / Up Acting Hydraulic Press In-Stock [Cincinnati, Ohio] ​

Freeman Schwabe Up Acting Hydraulic Press 90 Tons

NEW Up-Stroking / Up Acting Hydraulic Press In-Stock [Cincinnati, Ohio] FOR SALE


General Specifications

•Tonnage – 90 US tons

•Effective cutting area of 63” x 31.5” (1600mmx800mm).

•Daylight is 7.5” (190mm)

•Stroke 6.5”

More Information sales@freemanschwabe.com

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NEW Receding Beam 140 Tons In Stock FOR Sale

Freeman Schwabe

FOR SALE – Receding Beam 140 tons In Stock Cincinnati, Ohio

Down Acting Hydraulic Die Cutting Press 

Schoen RB #2 FS Logo

General Specifications

Receding Beam Down Acting Hydraulic Die Cutting Press 

  • Tonnage – 140 US tons 

  • Effective Cutting Area of 81” x 49” (2060mmx1250mm). 

  • Daylight 7.3” (185mm).

  • Stroke 6.3” (160mm).

  • Working height of 37.4” (950mm)

Siemens Controls

Easy Die Change


DSCF6845DSCF6869 (1)

Contact email: sales@freemanschwabe.com


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