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UpStroking 75 ton Press For Sale $118,798 PLUS Heated Platen $132,960 (USD)

NEW UpStroking Press – MANUFACTURED in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA SCHWABE USA Hydraulic Up-Stroking Cutting Press, Model DG-HD75 Selling Price – Hydraulic Up-Stroking Cutting Press $118,798.00 (USD) DG-HD75 Press PLUS Heated Platen Option for Die Cut Heat Seal $132,960.00 (USD)   SCHWABE … Continue reading

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Hydraulic Up-Stroking Cutting Press Model DG50 with Power Table

Hydraulic Up-Stroking Cutting Press  Model DG 50 tons with Power Table option. Watch video machine demonstration of SCHWABE USA up-stroking cutting press Model DG50 with power table option. Cutting Leather laminated to Spacer Mesh, used in Automotive Seat Covering / … Continue reading

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